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Cenote Tours

Playa del Carmen – Mexico

The idea of Cenote Tours started on 2015 as a tailor made diving operation for advanced divers. They pay a lot of attention to providing the best services to their clients, making their experience unique showing them one of the most unique places in the world: the cenotes.

It was a project that needed to be done from scratch, the company branding, identity and all the materials needed for the marketing and the day by day use.

Everything was thought to be made and transmit all the passion they put in their daily job.

What did we do for Cenote Tours:

  • Corporate ID
  • Website
  • T-Shirts for the staff and for clients
  • Infographics for educational porpuses
  • Leaflets for advertising their services on a dive shop in Edmonton, Canada.
  • Social Media Images (day by day images for Facebook and Instagram posts, special campains…)
  • Stickers for logbooks and souvenirs.


Infographics to provide information







Marketing images