Graphic Design – Print Design – Editorial Design

H2O Diving Center

Palamós – Spain

H2O Diving Center right now it is a very well-known center in the area, providing diving tours and also focusing in diving courses. It is a very busy dive center, as they have their own clients and host several dive clubs from the area, so efficiency for them was crucial, as they don’t have time to loss.

At the moment I was working there as a diving instructor, I spotted several points that needed to be improved, like graphic material for newsletter, weekly advertising, promotional material for the front desk and for the trade shows and so on.

Summarizing, unifying the corporate ID in every element they will show to the public.

As they publish constantly and they offer a large amount of services, I created a series of editable templates, making the online marketing easier for them (meanly on the high season).

T-shirts for the special trips, posters for the trade shows, leaflets…anything they needed.

What did we do for H2O Diving Center?

  • Templates for weekly publishing their dives and activities
  • Templates for special events (Halloween, Christmas, San Juan, …) and special training
  • Several posters for the campings and hotels where they go to promote themselves
  • Posters for their trips
  • Poster for the trade show Salón de la Plongèe (France)
  • Trifold brochure advertising all the services provided
  • Price list
  • Company presentation template
  • Templates for newsletter
  • T-shirts for their trips