Graphic Design – Editorial Design



KELDAN video lights are used by demanding videographers for semiprofessional video work and by professionals working for nature TV channels like National Geographic or for the movie industry.

KELDAN is continuously working on the improvement of their product line.

I am in charge of all their graphic design needs, mainly brochures, instructions manuals and infographics they need to explain the high performance of their products.

The corporate ID was unified so the Keldan image is recognizable anywhere and nowadays has a strong presence in their market.

What did we do for Keldan Lights?

  • Instruction manuals of all the products in catalog
  • Upgrades of the catalogs as the products were being improved
  • Simplification of complex data into simple graphics for better understanding of the clients
  • Two page brochure for the most important diving trade shows: Dema Show (USA), Salón de la Plongèe (France), Boot Düsseldorf Show (Germany)
  • Online images for Facebook and Website
  • Every small graphic detail for their products: Stickers, customization of packages…


Instruction Manuals

Images for Facebook and website

Brochure 2019

Brochure 2018

Brochure 2016

Brochure 2015